Marshmallow Coding Returns

December 26, 2016 by wendy

Marshmallow Coding Returns

As the founder of Marshmallow Coding, I’m excited to announce that Marshmallow Coding will be returning in 2017 with a new mission.

What happened in 2016?

This past year, I had the honour of working with another non-profit organization called Kids Code Jeunesse. As their Western Regional Coordinator, I helped bring their coding programs and workshops to BC. I also had the amazing opportunity to work in partnership with the BC Ministry of Education and Lighthouse Labs to develop and deliver teacher training and student learning resources to support computational thinking and coding in BC’s new curriculum. Although this experience has been incredibly rewarding, I’m ready to return to Marshmallow Coding to renew our efforts in promoting accessible computer science education for all children.

Marshmallow Coding’s New Mission

Our new mission is to become the go-to website for teachers and parents who want to find the best coding resources for their students and children. We’ll start by gathering and reviewing the top children’s computer programming books. Eventually, we hope to curate other types of resources as well, including games, apps, and electronics and robotics kits.

Thank you, Renee and Brad

I’d like to take a moment to thank Renee, a middle school teacher in Colorado, and her student, Brad, for sharing a coding resource with us a few weeks ago. They had been doing some research on Brad’s new interest in computer programming, and they found not only our website, but also the IT Hare website, which contained a very helpful Beginner’s Guide to Programming Languages. We encourage anyone who’s interested in getting an overview of various programming languages to check it out.

Thank you to our supporters

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone who has continued to support us over the past year, especially our social media followers. We’re excited to be back in the community, and we look forward to engaging with everyone in conversations on education and technology!